Camfrog Webcam Organizer – Camfrog 5.2 Feature

Camfrog Webcam Organizer – Camfrog 5.2 Feature

Camfrog 5.2 is packed with so many features, that many users havent explored all the goodness that it has packed into it. Over on the Camfrog blog they have released a youtube clip of how you can use the Camfrog Webcam Organizer function to keep your cam windows organised on your desktop. It enables you to set up the windows just as you like and save the state. This then allows you to move around and resize windows as much as you like, then with a simple menu selction reset the windows to your saved format. Pretty cool stuff!

You can check out the video below

Look for a review of Camfrog 5.2 right here at Video Chat 101 coming soon!!

In the meantime you can download camfrog 5.2 here

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