One Small Step…

One Small Step…

Welcome to the Video Conferencing Blog, this is my first blog so be gentle with me as I try to step carefully around any issues. This section of the Blog will focus on Video Chat. I use the word “chat” instead of “conferencing” as I intend to focus on the social aspects of video chatting as opposed to the business applications of video conferencing (well at least initially).

Like many I first discovered online chatting through MIRC, but it wasn’t until ICQ emerged that I became addicted to meeting people from all walks of life, from locations all over the world.

Later with the emergence of the now defunct cuseeme video conferencing application I was fascinated to suddenly see the people I had been chatting with for years come alive in front of my eyes, no more lol’s at my jokes I could actually see them laughing (or not),  I could see when they were sick or blue or if they had taken my comments the wrong way etc…

Now I was even more hooked! This lead me to discover online communities in particular a now defunct application called mplayer, I initially used mplayer, like thousands of other people to play online games such as doom. Mplayer then introduced cam rooms, a whole community of people would be chatting in the rooms while appearing on cam. I found myself increasingly neglecting my gaming time to spend it chatting with my fellow players and forming friendships that have lasted many years. With the demise of mplayer (due primarily to the time and expense needed to police the chat room activities) I tried many other programs such as Camera Cafe, See Saw, LivVe to name but a few that never really made it.

This goal of producing this blog is to inform the community of the options out there for video chat, I will be reviewing the many new video chat programs such as Paltalk, Skype and the phenomenon that is Stickam, I will be looking at the controversy surrounding video chat (the more adult nature of it) as well as safety for minors and avoiding pitfalls for new players.

This blog will take an in-depth look at the personal messenger phenomenon, in particular those that incorporate video capabilities, the aforementioned Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo Live, msn, aim and others.

We will be reviewing hardware as well as 3rd party add-on programs.

I look forward to getting to know many of you and hope to have the pleasure of seeing you cam to cam soon!


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