Review : Yahoo Messenger Video Chat

Review : Yahoo Messenger Video Chat

Yahoo Messenger Do you Yahoo!? Any of us that have been online for a long time remember Yahoo! as the king of search engines a mantle that only the mighty google has been able to knock off and claim as their own. Yahoo! was known for their inventiveness and ground breaking solutions which lead to revolutionizing the way we searched for information on the internet.Yahoo! Messenger

When yahoo launched its personal messenger program Yahoo! Messenger it addressed a growing trend for chatting online that companies such as ICQ had born. You could see when your buddies were online as well as make new acquaintances.

One on One Yahoo! video chat is a winner, simply click the “mywebcam” option and all your friends can see your cam is up and can click on it to view (unless you have chosen to restrict who can see you via the privacy menu). If you wish to be more candid you can invite only the person you are chatting with to view your cam. Similarly when someone on your list makes their cam available, next to their name will appear a cam icon as well as a message indicating they are available to be viewed.
Yahoo Cam Window
Lots of extra features such as text chat, voice chat, re sizable video windows, customizable themes, games you can play against your online buddies, share photos, listen to online radio broadcast as well as many other features, place Yahoo! Messenger high up on the list of best video chat programs.

Yahoo! chat rooms on the other hand are a not such pleasant experience.

Yahoo! user defined chat rooms, now defunct allowed users to create their own chat rooms, but this led to what some viewed as unsavory behavior and sadly yahoo user created rooms were removed.

Nethertheless, Yahoo! created rooms remain unlike the sad demise of the msn video enabled chat rooms.

Sadly these days Yahoo! chatrooms are over run with spammers and bots to the point where it can be frustrating for the user to find some one to chat with. Yahoo! has now implemented an authorisation code that you must enter every time, this can be extremely frustrating and the bots this security measure is aimed at seem to be able to deal with the verification easily judging by the number of bots the rooms are filled with.
Yahoo Chat Rooms
Those issues aside Yahoo! chat rooms are free! And this means many people from the more financially challenged countries make use of Yahoo! chat rooms, which will provide you with a unique experience as you meet people from totally different cultures and backgrounds.

More recently yahoo has implemented Yahoo Live which we will take the time to look at in a later review.

Its thought that yahoo are working very hard on implementing a better Yahoo! Messenger chat experience, I will bring you any news on this endeavor as it comes to hand, you too can check out whats going on on the Yahoo! Messenger blog at

In summary, the Yahoo! Messenger video chat experience is still one of the best you can find, if they would just get to work and fix up those chat rooms this review would be a perfect score, we will keep a keen eye on any developments in this area and will update this site as soon as we have any news.

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