Video Chat in 2016

Video Chat in 2016

Finally an update!

I have been researching the latest video chat platforms over the last 12 months or sog, I thought it was time to bring some new recommendations as to what the best platforms are.

Unfortunately there are a lot of inferior and very seedy chat platforms that you will want to stay away from these days, but there are also some excellent ones for those of us who love to chat face to face in a clean, respectful and safe way.

We will bring some recommendations on sites that are safe and tell you which ones to avoid.

The first thing I think is essential to know is there are even more perverts than ever out there, DO NOT allow your kids to use video unsupervised, there is no excuse for this, if your going online you need to make sure its safe.

Having said that there a re a number of very good services still out there, places like twitch and younow are great for younger folks, with moderated chat and no tolerance for any creepiness.

For adults there are still great conferencing programs like paltalk, skype and oovoo, sadly beyond this there isn’t much quality, with many of the new phone video apps and browser based apps full of flashers and worse.

There is hope for the future however, mplayer is looking to be relaunched around now (the begging of February) there is even a kick starter campaign to get this once entraining gaming and chat platform back (no surprise seeing as twitch was bought out by Amazon for a billion dollars!).

Anyway look for new updates to our site soon as it undergoes a much needed revamp!

Why not let us know your recommendations and thoughts!

Currently Skype, Paltalk and Oovoo are our main recommndations, its quit sad to see the lack of progress in this niche in the last 10 years, with most services dying.

One interesting platform we look forward to reviewing soon is twitters Periscope service. This looks to be an amazing platform, give it a go and you will see stars like Jamie foxx broadcasting live (his Christmas tour of his properties xmas lights, along with some spur for the moment carolling was amazing!). So look for that review soon.

Until then, Cheers and happy chatting 🙂

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