Video Chat News: Camfrog Client 5.2.167 Beta (Windows) Released

Video Chat News: Camfrog Client 5.2.167 Beta (Windows) Released

Camfrog On the Camfrog blog, Camfrog have announced the release of there latest client for windows, 5.2.167 Beta for windows.

This release comes bundled with allot of brand new features. Along with stability and feature improvements, the two main new features are the ability to click on your own video and choose “resize all windows” simultaneously. The second new feature is a very cool enhancement which allows you to find your friends easily. By choosing the new “highlight friends” feature, when a person on your friends list enters a room, their name will be highlighted, enabling you to locate them quickly.

Download Camfrog 5.2.167 Beta (Windows)

Look for a review of the updated Canfrog 5.2 on Video Chat 101 soon

Whilst not in the same league as Paltalk Scene it is well worth checking out.

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