Video Chat News: Spotlight on The “New” WebcamNow

Video Chat News: Spotlight on The “New” WebcamNow

webcamnow Some of you may be familiar with WebcamNow, some of you may be cringing that I have brought it up in this blog… BUT have you taken a look at WebcamNow lately? it has had a complete overhaul. The video chat site has undergone a complete redesign.

WebcamNow it is fair to say caters primarily for the more adult chat room activities, there is a family friendly area, but the number of users in this area are fairly small (as opposed to the open area, which is bustling with users). Along with other browser based chat environment ( such as ANYwebcam and many others we will be reviewing ) the experience in the past has been a buggy and frustrating one. But WebcamNow is worth a second look (look for the review soon), just be aware this is an experience catered toward a mature audience, visiting the open area will expose you to nudity and adult themes.

We will be looking at more browser based “video chat communities” over coming weeks to give you, the reader, the heads up on what you will find there and help you to choose a place(s) that you may wish to use.

You can check out the new improved WebcamNow Here

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