Video Chat Review: Paltalk Scene | Paltalk Messenger

Video Chat Review: Paltalk Scene | Paltalk Messenger


Paltalk are one of the premier players in the rapidly expanding video enabled online chat communities.

Whether you are interested in the latest gossip, looking for love or wanting to wax lyrical about global warming, talk wrestling or just have a good old chat to pass the time, Paltalk Scene caters for it all. It is a fantastic place you will quickly become addicted to and form life long friendships in.

Paltalk Scene

The Paltalk Scene Instant Messenger can compete on its own with the top Instant messaging programs out there in terms of functionality and ease of use, but where Paltalk Scene really shines is in its chat rooms.

On their website Paltalk boasts a “community of millions”. As you peruse the chat room list window you will see they are bustling with activities, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe are interacting, whether it be discussing the latest conspiracy’s, getting pc help, elearning in one of the premium rooms, meeting fellow gaming clan members, conducting there own radio broadcast or simply having fun chatting, Paltalk Scene has it covered, it really is an exciting community that never sleeps and always has plenty going on. If you cant find something you want to chat about you can choose to setup your own room and wait for like minded people to drop in.

You can have a night “out” partying with your friends or just chat with kindred spirits as well as meet people from all manner of different cultural, racial and religious backgrounds

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A great feature of Paltalk Scene is the ability to setup a password protected room for activities like talking to your loved ones when your overseas or interstate, without being interrupted by strangers.

Ptalk Chat Rooms WindowThe audio and video quality are top notch, the ability to chat simultaneously with a large number of users in a room as well as select whatever video you wish to see is a great experience. Paltalk Scene also provides us with a bunch of fun animations which the user can overlay on their videos.

The Paltalk Scene User Interface is extremely easy to use, if you are subscribed to the Paltalk Scene extreme service you can view as many windows as your monitor can handle, removing them from the Paltalk Scene dock window allows for resizing to whatever size window(s) you prefer.

Private messaging is available in the form of a “whisper” or private message and you can select to broadcast video only to the person you are instant messaging. Paltalk Scene also contains interoperability with Instant messengers such as yahoo, aim and ICQ, so you never need to leave the Paltalk realm.

From time to time Paltalk Scene has celebrities conducting chat forums, for example Novelist Stephen King and Former Guns and Roses Guitarist “Slash” have conducted sessions where the average Joe can ask them questions directly.

The only drawbacks to Paltalk Scene is that is currently only available to pc users and you don’t have the ability when broadcasting your cam in a chat room to tell if someone your talking to is watching your cam or not and probably more disturbing you cannot tell if someone is watching you who you would rather didn’t. If someone annoys you and you know they are watching you, you can block them.

Ptalk Chat Window

Another thing to be wary of is the only guard against entering the well patronised Adult area, is a warning pop up which you just have to agree to to enter, so underage folk should have a parent supervising what areas they are in. Paltalk Scene has implemented a rating system for each room which easily allows you to recognise which rooms are adult and which rooms are family friendly, They even have heavily moderated teenage and underage rooms to provide a safe place for younger folk to hang out. As for the Adult area if you are up for flirting or more then Paltalk Scene certainly caters for the more mature side of video chatting if thats your bent.

Ptalk x-Treme Free Trial

Free to try Paltalk Scene has three tiers of membership:

  • Free (Basic) – Banner Ads, No motion video, Black Nickname
  • Plus – Full Motion Video, Up to 6 Video Windows, No Banner Ads, Blue Nickname
  • Extreme – Television Quality Video, Unlimited Video Windows, No Banner Ads, Green Nickname

With the advent of the new Paltalk Express, browser based environment (currently in beta), it has never been easier to stay in touch with loved ones and friends.

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