7 Tips to Make Yahoo Video Chat More Enjoyable

7 Tips to Make Yahoo Video Chat More Enjoyable

Yahoo Messenger The Yahoo! messenger Video Chat experience, is as we pointed out in our Yahoo Video Chat Review a fantastic one which can be further enhanced with the following Tips.

7 Tips to Make Yahoo Video Chat More Enjoyable:

  1. Learn how to block people on Yahoo Messenger both in chat rooms or on your contacts list. If you right click on a users name you can set a stealth mode, for example you could have it set so you can chat to your partner or friends but you may not wish to chat to your work colleges, so simply set the stealth mode for them to “Appear Offline”
  2. Make sure you have your webcam status set to “Always ask permission” when a user clicks on your cam, if you do not do this and you have it set to auto accept, everyone in a chat room can view your cam as well as everyone on your contact list, there are just some things your boss doesn’t need to see!
  3. Similarly be careful when clicking on someones cam, you never know what may be on the other end! it could well be some hairy naked guy!
  4. Get some good soft lighting, nothing wrong with giving a little help to what mother nature gave you!, never use fluorescent light, it makes you appear very pale and shows every little line, blemish and freckle on your face!
  5. mario-chefGet yourself some fun software like IMDisguise (to be reviewed soon), then you too can look as stupid as this guy… who is that anyway?
  6. Be aware whatever you broadcast over a cam can be captured by other people with software like AutoScreenRecorder 2.0 (once again look for a review soon)
  7. HAVE FUN dont be too serious, most people who are chatting online are doing so to escape the problems of the real world, they want an enjoyable experience, whether you are in a conspiracy room or even an Adult chat room, keep it light and inoffensive

There we have it, 7 Tips to Make Yahoo Video Chat More Enjoyable feel free to ad your tips by clicking the “comment” link at the top of this post…

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