Camfrog 4.x No Longer Supported

Camfrog 4.x No Longer Supported

CamfrogAs was mentioned in the previous article Camfrog 3.x users will now find themselves blocked from connecting to Camfrog servers. Similarly Camfrog has now announced on its official blog that Camfrog 4.x users will now no longer have access to the servers.

As a result of blocking Camfrog 4.x and 3.x, Camfrog 5.1 users should notice a much enhanced experience as it will take a significant load of their cpu performance as well as a decrease in the amount of bandwidth needed.

Users experiencing problems upon upgrading to Camfrog 5.1 can report them directly to Camfrog here

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You can upgrade to Camfrog 5.1 here Download Camfrog 5.1

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