Video Chat News: Paltalk Express (Beta)

Video Chat News: Paltalk Express (Beta)


Paltalk have launched Paltalk Express – beta.

The folks over at Paltalk have added Paltalk Express in addition to Paltalk Scene (watch for a review in coming days)

Paltalk Express allows people to log in and interact using their paltalk account without having to have Paltalk Scene (formerly known as Paltalk messenger) software installed on the pc they are using as it interacts via your web browser and runs on java.

This is a much needed addition to Paltalk as you can now chat from the office, café or a friends computer without having to install Paltalk stand alone software.

Keep in touch with friends and family. Get your Free trial of Paltalk Scene for video messaging and chat.

A more indepth review of both Paltalk Express and Paltalk Scene will appear on these pages in the not to distant future so be sure to sign up for the rss feed or subscribe to be notified when any new events come along.

UPDATE: check out our Review of Paltalk Scene

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