Video Chat News: Spotlight on ooVoo

Video Chat News: Spotlight on ooVoo

ooVooA serious competitor to Skype has emerged on the market in the forum of ooVoo. With its funky name (ooVoo is the symbol or emoticon used when chatters are referring to watching video, its essentially two sets of eyes looking at each other via video).

Unlike many similar products which are essentially instant messenger’s with video tacked on, ooVoo is more focused on the video first, concentrating on high quality video with a resolution of 320 x 240 at up to 15 frames per second. On its website ooVoo claims it requires only half the usually required bandwidth, and its video provides more true to life lip synchronisation due to reduced video delay.

ooVoo is an impressive video messaging tool, it allows the user to conference with up to 6 (cross platform pc and / or mac) users at the same time and contains many funky features, the coolest of which I have found so far is the side bar view, which enables you to view your chat partners organized on top of each other like a film strip.
Some other Features of ooVoo is the ability to store your video chat sessions, compose and send video emails, call landlines or mobiles (currently only available in the USA and Canada) link it into social community web sites such as MySpace as well as other more standard IM features, such as the ability to communicate via text chat and send photos and files.

ooVoo also comes with some fun overlay features which allow you to add all sorts of fun effects over your video image.

Good news for Mac owners is as well as the windows version, ooVoo has a beta version for mac in production you can get them both from the following link here

As always we will have review up of ooVoo once we have had time to play with its many features.

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts on or experiences with ooVoo please let us know…

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